‘Strong mayors’ fiasco gives Doug Ford more scapegoats

Doug Ford proposes new legislation that will give sweeping powers to ‘strong mayors’ in Toronto and Ottawa – and possibly other cities, August 10

This first Doug Ford idea when the provincial government took over was touted as a way to accelerate housing development in Ontario’s two largest cities. We know Ford never took on a responsibility it wasn’t willing to dodge or offload, and here’s another cheeky example. It reminds me of the old stupid street corner game of peas under the nutshells. Sleight of hand personified.

Now, with the province failing to address the housing affordability crisis, Ford can pin the blame on the doors of the new super mayors and slip away, unscathed yet again, to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Fasten your seatbelts for a wild ride in Ontario for another four years.

Pam TomasevicMississauga

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