Streaming. Barely launched, « House of the Dragon » will return for a season 2

Barely successfully launched, the series House of the Dragon will return for a second season, announced Friday the American group WarnerMedia, parent company of HBO.

fans of the series Game Of Throneswhich ended three years ago, were there for the launch of its prequel House of the Dragonwhose tale is set almost 200 years before the initial series, telling the story of the bloodthirsty Targaryen dynasty and its 17 dragons.

Over 20 million viewers

The first episode gathered 9.98 million viewers when it aired on Sunday evening in the United States on HBO channels, (traditional channel and HBO Max streaming platform), achieving « the largest audience for a new original series in the history of HBO “, had detailed Monday evening in a press release the WarnerMedia group.

As of this Friday, « now more than 20 million viewers have seen the first episode on on-demand platforms and HBO Max in the United States », according to the company.

The rings of power from September 2 on Amazon Prime

In the highly competitive world of platforms, another highly anticipated fantasy series will land on September 2: The Rings of Powertaken from Lord of the Ringsa fantastic literary saga created by JRR Tolkien.

Five years ago, Amazon Prime Video acquired the rights to adapt the universe of hobbits and elves for 250 million dollars. The project, which is expected to span five seasons with a budget of over $1 billion, has already been called the most expensive series in history.


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