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“Star Academy”: on the way to the Academy

Here are the 19 candidates selected by the teachers after the final auditions. Five of them have already been selected to enter the Academy on Sunday evening. The others will have to make their voices heard and deliver the goods during the first Variety to earn their place in their Waterloo mansion.

The five selected Academicians

Éloi Cummings, 16, Fatima (Îles-de-la-Madeleine)

“Star Academy”: on the way to the Academy


The youngest candidate of the season, Éloi divides his free time between his two passions: sport and music. Endearing and extroverted boy, he fell into music when he was very young, and could not live without it. Whether he sings solo or in a group, the stage lights him up more every day.

Laurie Déchène, 20, Quebec

A former synchronized swimmer, the sport helped her through a difficult time in her youth. She then discovered her passion for music and decided to devote herself to it seriously. A special education student, she also takes care of a 16-year-old autistic boy.

Audrey-Louise Beausejour, 23, Brossard

After singing at “L’école des fans” at the age of 5, Audrey-Louise took part in “La cour des grands” at the age of 10. She was then part of the distribution of the musical “The Sound of Music”, before going to study in New York for a year. She has a little girl, Adele, aged 3 and a half.

Camélia Zaki, 17, Sherbrooke

“Star Academy”: on the way to the Academy


With a Quebec mother and a Moroccan father, who lives in Egypt, Camélia has traveled a lot. Very athletic (soccer, volleyball), she is currently studying musical theatre. At 11, she took part in “La Voix Junior”, and this experience gave her a taste for music and the stage.

Sarah-Maude Desgagné, 23, Amos

Of Haitian origin, Sarah-Maude was adopted by a close-knit Quebec family. As a teenager, she experienced an identity crisis and decided to move to Montreal where she quickly joined the Montreal Gospel Choir. Authentic and positive, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last summer, but she is pursuing her dream of becoming a singer.

The candidates who will have to defend their place:

Alexandra Duguay, 20, Shippagan, New Brunswick

Curious and very sociable, Alexandra discovered music at the age of 2 thanks to her grandmother, before taking up the piano at 12. She is also a sporty girl who has played soccer for almost 15 years.

Jérémy Plante, 25, Lévis

In addition to playing various instruments, Jérémy writes and composes his own songs. A former participant of “Mixmania”, he now has three bands to his credit, and owns a company that organizes musical events as well as a mobile festival.

Edouard Lagacé, 27, Cowansville

Édouard has been playing the guitar and singing since he was very young. Semi-finalist of “La Voix” in 2018, he is now a very popular songwriter, but he aspires to more. He would like to write his own songs. He has also created a music festival in his city, and has even just bought a performance hall there.

Jacques Larin, 24, Montreal

After growing up in the United States, Jacques moved back to Montreal at the age of 20. Manual and handyman, he created a renovation and furniture design company. Self-taught, he learned to sing and play the piano on his own, but he now wants to be inspired by professionals.

Julien Charbonneau, 23, Montreal

Positive and energetic, Julien has always been well surrounded with his three brothers and his loving parents. By enrolling in a music program in CEGEP, he discovered that he could be whoever he really wanted. With his best friend, he is currently preparing a first mini-album.

Yannick Bissonnette-Powell, 22 years old, Beauport

Even if he was already singing in secret, it was around the age of 17 that Yannick realized he had a certain talent for music. With his friend Maxime, they launched the duo Lost Orchids. In 2019, he attempted the blind auditions for “La Voix” and participated in the “Star Académie” selection camp last year. He’s back with a lot more confidence.

William Woods, 24, Montreal

Real name Guillaume Dubois, William is an artist at heart. He has done improv, theatre, event planning and works in a vintage clothing store. Realizing that being on a stage made him happy, he decided to bet everything on singing.

Olivier Bergeron, 20, Kedgwick, New Brunswick

Born in a small New Brunswick village, Olivier wants to devote his life to music. Self-taught, he sings and composes songs from an early age. But it was through sport that he was able to develop his leadership. After going to the selection camp last year, he feels much more confident this year.

Sandrine Hébert, 25 years old, Coaticook

Passionate about horses, Sandrine studied equine technology and works with veterinarians in her region. For two years, she and her boyfriend have been songwriters and earn their living with music.

Olivia Sirois-Bruneau, 28, Lévis

Music has always been part of Olivia’s life, but it was in secondary 5 that she decided to devote herself to it professionally. For the past five years, she has earned her living by teaching piano and singing. She is also part of the group Birds From Paradise, which she founded with two friends.

Mathieu Rheault, 27, Montreal

Mathieu was part of the Petits Chanteurs de Laval for nearly 10 years and studied music in high school and CEGEP. He would now like to be able to live from his passion.

Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke

Mother of a 2-year-old girl, Krystel already has a long experience in the music industry. When she was younger, she participated in “Mixmania”, before joining Lara Fabian’s team at “La Voix”, in 2018. The singer, who loves country, has performed in several Québec Issime shows.

Marily Dorion, 26, Sherbrooke

After singing in church during her childhood, Marily enrolled in a music school where she learned the basics. She also met Vincent Roberge (Les Louanges), Hubert Lenoir and Jérôme 50, with whom she made music regularly. At 17, she moved to Montreal where she studied social work.

Gaëlle Khoueiry-Jaber, 21, Gatineau

Singer-songwriter, Gaëlle has wanted to become a singer since her childhood. In addition to singing, she composes, plays guitar, ukulele, bass and piano. She is also a fan of Japanese cartoons.