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“Star Académie”: a new enriched edition

A new way of choosing Academicians, the presence of comedians, guest artistic directors, the return of international artists, special requests from the public and 24/7 cameras are among the novelties that the production has prepared for this new season of “Star Academy”. Overview of the various changes.

For the first Variety this Sunday, 19 candidates were selected during “The final audition”. Five of them are already guaranteed to enter the Academy and they will have the chance to share the stage with Daniel Bélanger.

The others will have to defend their place in a different way from last year. “We separated them into three groups and we put together medleys of each of their songs,” Gregory Charles explained Thursday afternoon at a press conference. It will allow us as a teacher, but also the public, to hear them one after the other. And like I told them, they are all responsible for the quality of performance. ”

Following the medley, teachers will have the opportunity to choose one or more candidates they want to see enter the Academy. The public will be able to save those who have not been appointed by the teachers.

A bit of humour

Being in danger is a relatively stressful time for applicants. To relax the atmosphere, the production had the idea of ​​inviting, every week, a comedian who will pay tribute to those who are in the hot seat. Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais will be back, but also Roxane Bruneau, Ariel Charest, Patrick Groulx, PA. Méthot or Dominic Paquet.

“Star Académie”: a new enriched edition

Photo Courtesy, Éric Myre

The executive producer of “Star Académie” Jean-Philippe Dion.

Striking numbers

After Mika, who had prepared flamboyant numbers last year, three genius creators will have the chance to imagine signature numbers, namely Lydia Bouchard, Serge Denoncourt and Mitsou.

“We give them all the means available and they have carte blanche to create their number,” detailed the executive producer of “Star Académie”, Jean-Philippe Dion. Mitsou’s number will be based on his directory; Serge Denoncourt has chosen a repertoire that he likes and that he wants to instill in young people, and for Lydia, it’s going to be a completely different sensory experience. And there will be more to be announced later. ”

From the big visit

As for the guest artists, the production confirmed the presence of several international stars, such as Alessia Cara, Milky Chance, Julien Clerc, Simple Plan, or even the brilliant Eddy de Pretto.

Public inquiries

At least at the start of the season, the public will not be able to be in the studio because of the sanitary measures. But it will nevertheless be present through the choice of songs interpreted by the Academicians thanks to the new segment, “The Special Request”. People can send a request to surprise someone they know by offering a song of their choice that the Academicians will sing during the Variety.

“Star Académie”: a new enriched edition

Photo Courtesy, Éric Myre

24/7 cameras

Finally, the public also demanded the return of the 24/7 cameras live from the Academy. The experience is even enriched with the presence of cameras on the bus and behind the scenes at the Variété. It will therefore be possible to see everything, and hear everything that is happening in the candidate’s environment, during lessons, evaluations, meetings with special guests and even during rehearsals. The 24/7 cameras are offered exclusively to Mobility and Hélix Télé customers of Videotron.

The first Variety of “Star Académie” will be broadcast live this Sunday at 7 p.m. at VAT.