St. Brigid’s Church: Affidavit Reports Lease and Sale Terminated Due to Missed Payments

A group affiliated with the Freedom Convoy scuttled a deal to buy a historic Ottawa church because it failed to make several payments to the owner, according to court documents obtained by CTV News.

The United People of Canada failed to make three deposits totaling $100,000 until August 10, according to an affidavit signed by Patrick McDonald, the owner of St. Brigid’s Church.

Court documents also include the St. Brigid’s Church Purchase and Sale Agreement, which shows the united people of Canada agreed to purchase the church for $5.95 million on June 8.

McDonald’s affidavit also said that by not making the payments for the sale of the property, it also gave it the right to terminate the lease agreement it had with the United People of Canada effective 10 september.

A hearing is scheduled for September 10 in an Ottawa courtroom to discuss the deportation issue. McDonald is asking for help from the Ottawa Sheriff to help enforce an eviction notice that was first posted on the front door of St. Brigid’s Church last week.

This eviction notice stated that the group’s lease had been terminated due to unpaid rent of $10,000 and « failure to provide proof of liability insurance for at least $5 million ». A second notice posted on the door said the group had violated the Ontario Heritage Act and failed to obtain the necessary permits for construction under the Ontario Building Code Act.

CTV News previously reported that St. Brigid’s Church was conditionally sold to the United People of Canada on June 15, but as of August 12, property listing documents show the property was listed as « back on the market. » « .

With files from CTV Ottawa.


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