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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Becomes Sixth-Highest-Grossing Film in History with $1.69 Billion Worldwide

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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23 ( — Add another notch to “Spider-Man: No Way Home’s” long list of box office achievements.

Over the weekend, Sony’s comic book adventure became the sixth-highest-grossing film in history with $1.69 billion at the worldwide box office (unadjusted for inflation). It overtook “Jurassic World” ($1.67 billion) and “The Lion King” ($1.66 billion) to secure that spot.

Now in its sixth weekend of release, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” returned to No. 1 in North America, adding $14.1 million between Friday and Sunday, as well as $27.7 million abroad. The superhero epic, starring Tom Holland as Marvel’s web-slinger, opened in December and grossed $721 million at the domestic box office and $970.1 million at the ‘international.

Outside of the US, where ‘No Way Home’ ranks as the fourth-greatest film of all time, Spidey’s latest adventure did particularly well in the UK – the birthplace of Holland – raising $116 million to date. The other highest earning territories are Mexico with $73.4 million, South Korea with $60.6 million and France with $59.9 million. It’s worth noting that “No Way Home” managed to break records and shatter expectations without playing in China, which is the biggest movie market in the world.