Sovereignty: Nicolas Marceau persists and signs

Former Quebec Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau launched a new book on Tuesday evening in which he reiterates his sovereignist profession of faith.

With « Once Quebec is sovereign », the economist likes to imagine what form an independent Quebec could take, while demonstrating that a Quebec state would be economically viable.

“The economist and former minister examines all aspects of the project, demonstrating its technical and economic feasibility, demystifying the arguments against its realization, defining the elements of planning, persuasion and negotiation that will be necessary to found a country in the future. ‘image of all Quebecers,’ summed up VLB Éditeur.

« I remain fully convinced that sovereignty is more urgent and necessary than ever, » said Mr. Marceau on the program « Le Bilan » on Tuesday.

“I am trying to show how there is no good reason to stay in Canada and accept solutions that are not adapted to Quebec circumstances, when we could do so much better,” explained the ex. – PQ minister.

In his eyes, to achieve sovereignty, it will be necessary in particular to bring together all the sovereignists, both left and right.

« I think it’s time to stop representing sovereignty as being exclusively for the social democrats », supported the ex-minister.

Also, Mr. Marceau believes that sovereigntist leaders must stop dithering on how to achieve their ultimate goal. In recent years, various leaders of the Parti Québécois have offered various visions, ranging from holding a referendum as soon as possible to holding a referendum only in a second term.

« The sovereigntist movement must announce once and for all the mechanics with which we will go to sovereignty », judges the economist.

The book was launched in the presence of many personalities from the sovereignist milieu, including former Prime Minister Pauline Marois, President and CEO of Quebecor Pierre Karl Péladeau and former Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe. .


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