Sovereignists at the CAQ: « save who can », says PSPP

With 16 days to go, PQ leader Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon calls on sovereignists who vote for the CAQ to return home. He affirms that François Legault has stolen the monopoly of federalism from the PLQ.

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In an exchange with Dominique Anglade during Face-à-Face on TVA on Thursday, the outgoing Prime Minister reiterated that the CAQ was against Quebec sovereignty.

“Our project is within Canada. For 50 years, there has been a debate between two parties, the Liberal Party and the Parti Québécois,” declared François Legault, adding that “the Liberal Party has lost the monopoly of being against the sovereignty of Quebec.”

The leader of the PQ believes that this statement “completely changes the situation” in the electoral campaign.

“It farted its suspenders, it boasted of being the party that robbed the PLQ of the title of extinguisher, of the party that works the hardest against Quebec independence,” said Paul St- Pierre Plamondon, just before a speech to the Force jeunesse group.

« He said his party was federalist and there was no room for independence. »

« Run for your life »

Thus, he launches a “message to all Quebec separatists who voted CAQ in 2018”: “save who can”. The PQ leader reiterates that the door is wide open.

“The CAQ wants to stifle your voice, it wants to extinguish your voice. I know that several separatists voted CAQ in 2018 to replace the Liberals. I confirm to you that it is done,” he said.

He repeats that there is a « single house » for « those who have at heart » the voice of the separatists « and it is that of the Parti Québécois. »


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