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Ann Dorn, who lost her husband in the 2020 BLM riots, says the billionaire and US vice president are partly responsible

The widow of a retired police officer who was killed in the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots in St. Louis, described US Vice President Kamala Harris and billionaire George Soros as « villains,claiming that they are partly responsible for her husband’s death.

In an interview with the American media Breitbart published on Tuesday, Ann Dorn told how her husband, while « retired from the police force at the time,» had nevertheless volunteered to be the «point-of-contactfor a friend’s pawnshop alarm.

On the night of June 1, 2020, riots broke out in St. Louis, Missouri, and the fateful alarm went off the next morning, according to the woman. She told reporters that her husband decided to go check out the pawnshop when he knew the « city ​​was consumed by violence and chaos.

As Ms Dorn explained, upon arrival her husband saw rioters inside the store and asked them to leave – which she says cost him his life. She reportedly said a man named Stephen Cannon shot his wife dead.

The slain man’s widow called Dorn a superhero, noting that there are also real-life supervillains – « people like the man who killed my husband, » but also « people like billionaire George Soros, who use their power and influence to promote extremist politics and fan the flames of division.“Vice President Kamala Harris could also be called a supervillain, the woman said, like Harris”raised money for the Rioters’ Bail Fund.

The woman also pointed out the “CEOs of leading companies who blindly threw their support and money behind this,claiming that if a foreign organization provided funds tonationwide riots in the United States,« he probably would have been referred to as a »terrorist organization.

Ms Dorn concluded by saying that her husband “was murdered because the people who were supposed to protect our streets — the active duty police — were told not to do their jobs.

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