Soccer. OL swept away by a Belgian tornado

In a temperature quite conducive to football and in an enclosure that received the poster as a gala match, the Lyon players were able to measure how much they still have a long way to go. Because the Olympian defeat did not suffer from any discussion.

During this second meeting against Anderlecht (after the one played behind closed doors in the afternoon with a mixed team), the Lyonnais first missed the initial set-up. The 3rd in the last Belgian championship, athletic and asserting his aggressiveness, immediately sent the Lyonnais into the ropes. Anderlecht’s first corner was the right one, and OL were able to measure throughout the match that they were quickly in danger during this phase of the game. « It was a good match to play against a team in advance who is in its 4th week of preparation. But we got off to a very bad start,” remarked Peter Bosz.

When the skilful Refaelov found the target, OL appeared to lack ideas. Passing sessions at ten too…


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