Six CH players on display

Good. Usually, after Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, we get into the screenings.

Over the years, statistics indicate that approximately 77% of teams occupying, at this period of the calendar, a place granting them a bye for the playoffs do not miss the rendezvous of the spring.

This weekend also allows general managers to get an idea of ​​their needs to better compete for the Stanley Cup.

This is therefore an opportunity for Kent Hughes to highlight the Josh Anderson, Joel Edmundson, Christian Dvorak, Jake Allen, David Savard and Sean Monahan for a possible trade.

I told you in a previous column that if we push the analysis further, the teams having collected 30 points after 20 games, the quarter of the season which usually corresponds to the Thanksgiving weekend, obtain an entry fee for the playoffs.

Over the past nine seasons, 23 teams have accumulated more than 30 points after 20 games, they all qualified except one: yes, the Canadiens in 2015-2016.

Also, if we push the study a little further, the teams having reached the plateau of 27 points after 20 games, they are 59 over the last nine seasons. Two put away equipment at the end of the regular schedule: the Canadiens and the St. Louis Blues.

Quickly now, this season, can we conclude that the Bruins, Devils and Golden Knights can already think about the spring competition.

The answer is yes.

The Stars, the Jets, the Avalanche, the Hurricanes, the Islanders have given themselves winning conditions.

And the fight promises to be captivating between the other teams on the circuit.


In the group of intruders, these teams that are not expected to be able to apply for a qualification for the playoffs, the Seattle Kraken with a harvest of 29 points in 21 games raises many questions.

The Canadian surprises. He is currently in the game. Will he withstand the intensity of the competition that is taking shape in the last 60 games of the season? We doubt it, however, the Canadian offers his supporters a high quality show.

This is an ideal situation for Ken Hughes, who will lend an attentive ear to teams coveting new rosters in order to improve their chances of making the playoffs.

During an interview granted to Anthony Martineau, of TVA Sports, he specified that, yes, he would like to obtain another first-round pick.

Hughes does not hide that he is in communication with several of his counterparts and we can understand it.

The name of Josh Anderson feeds the discussions. Joel Edmundson can be an insurance policy for any team involved in the race for a playoff spot.

Christian Dvorak can help a formation that will be looking for a versatile player.

Too high a salary

Joel Armia? With a salary of $ 3.4 million and two more seasons to complete, there is nothing very attractive for another formation. This is an agreement that does not make the equation with the results compiled by the skater.

Mike Hoffman: $4.5 million for the next season (2023-24), that’s scary.

Jake Allen? Maybe. General managers will tell you that there will always be a place for an experienced goalkeeper.

David Savard is another very special case. No one expected Savard to stand out so effectively this season.

He’s been given responsibilities, he’s been asked to help out the young defensemen of the team and he’s not only living up to expectations, but he’s an important cog in the defensive squad.

At first glance, in the transaction market, is it the one with the highest value? It is allowed to believe in it.

And let’s not forget Sean Monahan. He is finishing the last year of his contract, he will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, and, at the same time, a rental player at the deadline to complete the roster before the final sprint of the regular schedule.

Since his arrival with the Canadian, Kent Hughes has shown that he is a cunning negotiator. His experience as a player’s agent serves him well. He is a keen observer and he has drawn up a plan which he follows to the letter.

The first quarter of the season, which has had some nice surprises in store for senior management, does not change anything in terms of the recovery process. The GM has set his priorities and he’s repeated it: another first-round pick is obviously an important goal.

If his team keeps up the momentum, he would like to benefit from a few first-round picks to improve his selection round.

No need to wait for March 3

Therefore, several veterans of the team are in the showcase.

He is aware that his counterparts now have some idea of ​​the value of their training. Thanksgiving weekend in the United States serves as a barometer for CEOs. We have identified the corrections to be made in order to ensure that we will have the resources to compete at a high level.

And, be careful, will the teams wait until March 3, 2023, the deadline to conclude a transaction? I doubt.


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