Shooting at two neighboring houses in 7 months in Terrebonne


A residence next to a house shot seven months ago in Terrebonne was the target of several projectiles in turn on Tuesday, this time with consequences that could have been particularly serious.

Around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Terrebonne police went to rue de l’Érable-Noir after shots were fired at the facade of a residence.

According to them, calls were made to 911 after the sounds of detonation were heard by the neighborhood.

At least three bullet holes are visible on the residence. One of them entered through the front window and went through the whole house to smash the patio door leading to the backyard.


The owner of the place, a 58-year-old man with no criminal record, still seemed stunned the day after the event.

« Yes, we were there, there were two of us, » said the man, speaking of the projectile which crossed his living room and the dining room.

« We don’t know what’s going on, » he added in a low voice. The police tell us that they were at the wrong address, ”continued the one who claims to have nothing to reproach himself for.

On April 20, Terrebonne police opened an investigation when at least one shot was fired at a residence on rue de l’Érable-Noir in the middle of the night.

This residence is only separated by a party wall from the one struck on Tuesday.

The neighboring residence targeted on April 20.

Photo Nicolas Saillant

The neighboring residence targeted on April 20.

A roughly repaired bullet hole was still visible on the door frame.

“We are not able to make a correlation between the two events,” said Terrebonne police spokesperson Benoît Bilodeau.

No arrests were made in either case.

Worried neighborhood

The event did not go unnoticed by the residents of this small family street.

A mother took a long look at the target location before picking up her child from daycare just across the street.

“There is a history. It’s a problematic house, it’s been several criminal incidents that happen there, ”lamented the woman, pointing to the row houses where the crime occurred.

Another neighbor said she was obviously worried, hoping that her neighborhood “become quiet again”.

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