Shia LaLaBeouf Responds to FKA Twigs Abuse Allegations: « I Hurt That Woman »

By Brent Furdyk.

Shia LaBeouf is addressing the abuse allegations that have been leveled against him by ex FKA Twigs, seemingly acknowledging that his accusations are true.

The scandal-ridden actor appeared on Jon Bernthal’s ‘Real Ones’ podcast, reported Varietyand seemingly confirmed he was at fault.

« I hurt that woman, » he said, not addressing the singer-songwriter by name.

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He also admitted that « I hurt a lot of other people, and a lot of other people before this woman. I was a pleasure-seeking, selfish, self-absorbed, dishonest, inconsiderate, fearful human being.

LaBeouf, who claims to have turned over a new leaf after embracing Catholicism, reflected on the bad behavior he has shown over the years.

« When I think about where my life has become and where it is now, like what my purpose is now…I need to be helpful. And when I look at this #MeToo environment, there’s no there aren’t a lot of guys who take responsibility,” he said.

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« I fucked up badly. Like crash and burn type s**t. [I] hurt a lot of people, and I am fully aware of that. And I’m going to have to for the rest of my life, » he continued, referring to a « long list of people I have to make amends to. »

He also admitted to having « cheated[ing] about all the women I’ve been with » and refusing to tell his « sex partners he had cold sores », something he admitted to being « manipulative ».

He also described Twigs (again, without mentioning her name) as a « saint » who « saved my fucking life ».

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« If it hadn’t intervened in my life and created the possibility for me to experience the death of the ego, I would either have a really mediocre existence or I would be completely dead », LaBeouf said.

LaBeouf also revealed that in the “early days” after going public with his allegations, “I went to load a gun and sat on my table. I was going to kill myself.

However, he now sees a new role for himself.

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“I’m in the f**k-ups tribe. I am a very public sinner, a very fallible person in the public sphere,” LaBeouf explained. “What I now think my goal is not to do…the other examples we’ve had of how to navigate something like this – which is to sue the woman, or try to win a case, or to come back in a f**king movie or like come back at all.

He added: « My purpose, and I say this with every fiber of my being, is to be instructive in my life, so that I can be an advertisement, like a billboard, for a lifestyle based on principles. »

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