‘Shelter in place’ order remains for residents of Wiikwemkoong

Residents in the The Wiikwemkoong community on Manitoulin Island remains under shelter-in-place as the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Tribal Policing continue to investigate an “armed and dangerous person” at large.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Ontario Provincial Police sent out an emergency alert asking people near Wiikwemkoong to « maintain and secure » the accounts of a « dangerous » person in the area. There are currently no updates on the suspect’s whereabouts, OPP spokesman Carlo Berardi told The Star.

All residents outside the Tribal Police Department area who received the alert on their cellphones are « not in potential danger, » Berardi said.

At 2:40 p.m. Tuesday, the Wiikwemkoong School Board received updates from the Tribal Police Department that it was safe for students to return home, except for those living in the Cape Smith area. /Kaboni, Ogimaa Rachel Manitowabi said in a statement on Facebook. went out last night.

Wiikwemkoong students were given a ‘mental health’ day while police investigate.

« This is an opportunity for children to stay home with their parents and/or guardians to begin initial treatment of the situation and to be comforted, » Manitowabi said in the statement.

Police continue to search for Luke Naokeegijig, 39, who is around six-foot-one and was last seen wearing black jeans and a camouflage sweater.

Residents of Wiikwemkoong are urged to lock their doors and windows and report anyone suspicious to the police, according to the alert issued on Tuesday.

Ana Pereira is a breaking news reporter who works in the Star’s radio room in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @anabpereiraa


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