Sharp decrease in the spread of influenza in Quebec

For a third consecutive week, the indicators show a clear decrease in the spread of influenza in Quebec. These figures confirm the decline of a first wave of seasonal flu, unless the holidays hide a recovery.

Since the most recent weekly report concerns the period ending on December 24, we will still have to be patient before noticing the impact of the festive gatherings on the circulation of influenza.

We can still observe that the downward trend was well underway before Christmas Eve.

According to data released Thursday by the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec, there were 1,952 new influenza infections in the week ending December 24.

This is another significant drop from the 2,837 cases recorded in the week ending December 17. In addition, the screening test positivity rate also dropped from 21.72% to 17%.

Influenza type A strains remain prevalent and type B infections, which were on the rise, have also decreased.

We will now have to wait for the next assessment to discover the impact that the festivities will have had on the spread of the flu.

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