Shaquille O’Neal won’t comment on Adam Levine and Ime Udoka scandals because ‘I was a serial cheater’

By Brent Furdyk.

Shaquille O’Neal says he has no intention of weighing in on Adam Levine or Ime Udoka’s infidelity scandals – because he’s one of those people who lives in glass houses and should not throw stones.

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During a recent edition of his podcast, « The Big Podcast with Shaq, » the former NBA star explained why he had no comment.

« I’m going to step back from this conversation, » he told podcast co-host Nischelle Turner, as reported. Complex.

“I was a serial cheater,” he explains. « It would be crazy and blasphemous for me to stand up here and say, ‘Boom, boom, bam.’ I can’t do that. I know these guys personally. I know they’re going through a lot because I’ve been through a lot.

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Another reason Shaq wants out of the conversation is because he’s close friends with Nia Long, who has been Udoka’s partner for over a decade.

« I just wish some parties weren’t involved, » he adds. “I have known Nia Long for a long time and I like her… They are going through a lot of family things. I’m never the guy who’s gonna come up here because of my platform and pretend.

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