Shaping Saskatchewan: Kayla DeMong |

October marks 10 years since Kayla DeMong joined the Prairie Harm Reduction team.

Since then, she has held various management positions, eventually becoming executive director. Now, DeMong reflects on her time at the Saskatoon Safe Consumption Site, the challenges they faced, and what motivates her to tackle them.

“Here, we manage to influence politics in a real way. We sit on national committees, working towards better policy and better support for people. We get to effect change in a very real way,” DeMong said.

“We know we have a voice and we can keep fighting. And that’s a really big piece of leadership here.

DeMong said the ability to effect change is a big motivator in the work she does.

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“We have to keep advocating. And I’m supported to do so by the community and our board.


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