Senator Amy Klobuchar slammed for suggesting Democrats could stop hurricanes

Senator Amy Klobuchar came under fire on Tuesday for appearing to suggest that voting for Democrats in November’s midterm elections could help thwart hurricanes and the effects of climate change.

« We just did something about climate change for the first time in decades, » Klobuchar (D-Minn.), a former presidential candidate, told MSNBC’s « Morning Joe » as she checked off his party’s recent legislative victories, including climate change. inflation-reducing focus that President Biden signed into law last month.

« That’s why we have to win this as the hurricane rolls over Florida, » the senator added. “We have to win halfway through. We understand that. »

Critics were quick to accuse Klobuchar of trying to score political points in the wake of an impending natural disaster – as Hurricane Ian turned into a massive Category 3 storm and closed in on the Sunshine State.

« The new science: So the hurricane is punishing Floridians for voting Republican, not because it’s a seasonal event and has been since before this scam, » former NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch said. tweeted. « Beautiful sentiment @amyklobuchar as people flee inland and pray they don’t lose their homes. »

Critics were quick to accuse Senator Amy Klobuchar of trying to score political points in the face of an impending natural disaster.
A photo of Hurricane Ian passing over Cuba, courtesy of NOAA.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows Hurricane Ian passing over western Cuba.

The RNC Research account tweeted an excerpt from Klobuchar’s statement, asking, « Did Amy Klobuchar just suggest that voting for Democrats will stop the hurricanes? »

“Sen. Amy Klobuchar bizarrely suggests voting for Democrats in 2022 will somehow stop the hurricanes,” the Tea Party Patriots account added.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hurricane Ian:

Meanwhile, foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner slammed Klobuchar’s comments as « shameful ».

« The left never misses an opportunity to sell its destructive agenda, even when a hurricane threatens millions of Americans, » he said.

« Disappointing, » tweeted Clifford May of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. “I could have expected better from him. She’s supposed to be one of the adults in the room. Fact check: Nothing Biden has done or is doing will have a measurable impact on climate change. This is not seriously disputed.

« Here’s what she says while shamelessly politicizing a major hurricane that’s hitting our families here in Florida right now, » added former Congressman Trey Radel. « »Give us – your trustworthy politicians – more money and we’ll fix the weather. « »

« That’s why so many people have such a hard time taking climate change seriously, » NewsBusters said. editor Curtis Houck. « You have people who think a singular event means something much bigger and more sinister and spending money will counteract that. »

A photo of Senator Amy Klobuchar.
Senator Klobuchar spoke to MSNBC’s « Morning Joe » about her party’s legislative victories, including the climate change-focused Cut Inflation Act.

« The ‘trust the science’ gang really want you to believe that tax credits to help their wealthy donors buy electric cars…will stop the hurricanes, » joked Republican strategist Matt Whitlock.

Klobuchar’s comments came as Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned of « catastrophic » and « deadly » flooding as residents braced for Hurricane Ian to make landfall.

« What we have here is really historic storm surge and potential for flooding, » DeSantis said, warning residents that Ian’s impact was « imminent. »


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