Sean Kanan is « almost dead » on the set of « Karate Kid III »

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Sean Kanan “nearly died” on the set of Karate Kid III.

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The 55-year-old actor – who starred as antagonist Mike Barnes in The Karate Kid Part III and Cobra Kai – suffered internal bleeding while filming a fight scene in the third installment of the franchise and recalled the incident as the « scariest moment » of his life.

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He said: “I passed out at the Dunes Casino and the pain in my leg turned out to be internal bleeding and it was blood leaking out of my femoral artery. I had been bleeding for a day, so they rushed me to the hospital. They said, “We don’t know if we can save your life – we’ll try. ”

The General Hospital star was left ‘really f****** angry’ when, instead of offering support and well wishes, movie bosses warned he needed to recover quickly and return to work if he wanted to keep his job.

He told MailOnline: « They obviously saved my life. And, I got a call from the studio – no flowers, no balloons – just you need to be back at work in, I think it’s was like, 12 days or something or we’ll recast I was crushed and then I went from being crushed to being really f****** angry!

However, Sean admitted he would « never change things » because the incident ended up being one of the « most defining experiences » of his life.

He said: “As terrible as it was at the time, I wouldn’t trade it because it was one of the most defining experiences of my life. And that’s one hell of a story.


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