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School slammed for giving fit clothes to girls with body image issues

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A Mississippi school is under fire after offering female students underwear options for those with body image issues.

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Ashley Wells Heun shared a letter that was sent home with her eighth grade student, who attends Southaven Middle School.

The note was titled Why do girls suffer from body image? then talks about what comes with the negatives and positives that female students may face as their bodies and brains develop.

All reasonable info – right down to the last line that has fitness clothes for girls that could help them maintain a positive body image.

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“So you start this masterpiece by detailing how bad a negative body image is for girls, how the stress of conforming to an impossible perceived image can hurt their sanity, and then YOU PROPOSE TO GIVE THEM TO THEM.” SPREADING SO THEY CAN BETTER ADJUST THE PERCEIVED IMAGE? !? ” Wills Heun fumed in his Facebook post.

“How the hell do you promote positive body image by saying ‘here you are too fat. You need underwear to make you look slimmer.

The image of the note has since gone viral after Glennon Doyle was asked to weigh in on the post, to which the author and activist replied, “What the hell. What school is giving out” shapewear ”to college girls?? It’s too early in the day for that shit, but okay tell me where to go for the sake of the shit.

Content of the article

Wells Heun said Yahoo Life she was unaware that Doyle shared her message, but is “glad people are getting along on how good” the message is getting.

She emailed the school principal, part of which said, “If my daughter begged me to have underwear on, I would say no to her.” Now I find that you are ENCOURAGING her to wear it. Honestly, I am baffled that a “counselor” who is TRAINED in child psychology would think this is a good idea. “

The manager “apologized profusely and said this was meant for” good intentions. “

The so called “program” has been canceled, but Wills Heun is still upset that someone thought it was a good idea.

“I’m all for providing bras and other essentials to girls who don’t have access for some reason, but handing out a letter to all the girls in the class (yes, in front of the boys) is fair.” … frightening ? Inappropriate? Badly designed? And shapewear has absolutely no place in college. Never.”