‘Say no to gender segregation’: Halifax rally in solidarity with Iranians

Nearly 200 people gathered on the Halifax waterfront on Saturday in solidarity with Iranians protesting the continued oppression of women by their government regime.

A speaker at the rally said protesters are calling on the Canadian government to ensure that no one affiliated with the Iranian regime benefits from the immigration system.

« We love our Canada, we want it to stay safe, » said the speaker.

“We urge the government to develop practical solutions to this problem and to help the Iranian working community to be safe in Canada.

It has been five weeks since the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman who was captured for not wearing her hijab properly, as dictated by the country’s regime. She died after falling into a coma while detained by Iran’s « morality police » on September 16. His death has prompted many to take to the streets as citizens call for democracy and the overthrow of the government.

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New protests erupt in an Iranian city that has been the scene of a bloody crackdown

Witnesses said anti-government protests erupted at several Tehran universities on Saturday amid tight security as the world observed a Global Day of Action. Demonstrations took place in several cities across Canada.

In Halifax, a second speaker told the crowd that they were gathered there to “say ‘no’” to gender segregation.

“’No’ to a regime that does not respect the demand of its people; “no” to legitimate violent protests; “no” to unexplained deaths in custody. »

She said « yes » to hope.

A Solidarity Rally with Iranians was held in Halifax on October 22, 2022.

Amber Friday / Global News

Halifax West MP Lena Diab also attended Saturday’s rally on the waterfront, saying the federal government stood with the Iranian protesters.

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« My heart is with you and with all of your friends, family and loved ones, especially those still in Iran, » Diab said.

« The outrageous violence perpetrated during this crackdown is disgusting and it must stop. »

Diab said he heard stories from Iranians across the province and in Ottawa of the brutality toward those demanding basic rights.

“I heard that even in Halifax we need to do more to stop the Iranian regime’s global campaign of intimidation,” she said.

Diab said the Canadian government uses its voice on the international stage to ensure that countries are in tune with a common goal: « to ban the (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) from coming to Canada and other country ».

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Canada announces new sanctions on Iran amid protests over Mahsa Amini’s death

Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser told the rally that there are half a million Iranians in Canada, and « it’s time we showed that we stand with them, not just with our words ».

Fraser said a number of sanctions have been exercised against Iranian regime officials.

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“The immigration measures we have put in place apply not just to the IRGC, but to senior officials from all aspects of the regime, who will no longer be able to come to Canada,” Fraser said.

« Those who can enjoy their status here now, we are not afraid to revoke it, remove them if need be. »

Fraser said the government will do everything it can “to hold the regime accountable” and ensure the safety of those who oppose it in Canada.

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