Save $50 On This Bathrobe With Shark Tank

Over the past two years, comfort and convenience have been a major fashion driver. As the athleisure trend rages on, it’s only fitting that bathrobes get an upgrade too! The ladies have leggings, and now the guys have the DudeRobe.

This awesome invention that was featured on Kickstarter and « Shark Tank » gives the old bathrobe a modern twist. And right now during Deal Days, you can get one over 30% off at just $100 for a limited time. No coupon is needed. All you have to do is act before July 14 to benefit from these savings.

The DudeRobe gives the average bathrobe a major upgrade, turning it into a wardrobe staple for men everywhere. It’s not only perfect when you get out of the shower, but can also be worn for walking the dog or running errands, thanks to its hoodie.

New York Post

The exterior is made from a premium sweatshirt fabric, so it certainly doesn’t look like the dresses of yesteryear. But the interior is made of an extra absorbent and soft fabric that does the usual job of the bathrobe in hiding. Non-flexible cuffs make it a fashion statement away from home, while the above-the-knee length is the perfect silhouette to look more like your favorite jacket.

The creators of DudeRobe really thought of everything. Not only did they make this dress stylish enough to wear outside, but they also improved other features like the belt of the dress. This includes a permanently attached belt that is impossible to lose. And there’s even a hidden pocket inside to slip your wallet or keys in and keep them safe.

Act fast during Deal Days to get a DudeRobe for just $100. It’s available until July 14 at this great price, no code needed. Get it in navy in small/medium, large/XL or 2XL/3XL, gray in small/medium, large/XL or 2XL/3XL, or black in small/medium, large/XL or 2XL/3XL.

Prices subject to change.


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