Saskatoon Transit launches new on-demand system for out-of-town neighborhoods

The City of Saskatoon hopes its revamped demand-responsive transit program will make it easier for people who live in new neighborhoods to get to their destinations.

On Tuesday, Saskatoon Transit will deploy its new on-demand system to four new neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city.

Riders in the Brighton, Rosewood, North Kensington and Blairmore areas will be able to hail a bus to a designated stop via the transit app. They will be transported to a bus station to take a regular fixed-route bus to their destination.

« It’s going to be introduced in newer neighborhoods that don’t yet have a full, robust transit system because they don’t have the population density, » said Acting Director of Transit Tracey. Davis.

« This will allow the people who live there full access to our public transit system. »

The new system replaces the one launched two years ago, which allowed any commuter in the city to call a bus to their last stop.

Transit advocacy group Bus Riders of Saskatoon has heard mixed reviews of the old system.

While some people called on-demand transit a lifeline, the group also heard horror stories of commuters waiting an hour to be picked up by on-demand buses, the carrier said. band word, Robert Clipperton.

« The idea of ​​serving people is good, » he said. « I hope that as the population increases and people find the services acceptable, more people will start taking the bus. »

Two buses have been assigned to the on-demand system, which will operate Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and uses artificial intelligence to coordinate bus routes.

Commuters will be able to book on-demand rides up to two weeks in advance through Saskatoon Transit’s website, mobile app or by calling Transit customer service at 306-975-3100.


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