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Saskatchewan Premier catches COVID-19

Saskatchewan’s premier tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday morning, the day after a news conference in which he said Saskatchewanians should “use their own judgment” as to what rules to follow.

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Mr. Moe said on Twitter that he will self-isolate for a period of five days starting Friday. He received his third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on December 28.

The 14 people present at the press conference on Thursday have been warned by the province’s public health department to pay attention to the appearance of symptoms that may be similar to those related to COVID-19, according to information from The canadian press.

During the press briefing, Scott Moe explained that his government had no intention of imposing further restrictions than those already in place, namely the obligation to wear a mask and present proof of vaccination in certain places. public.

Positive cases in the province appear to have stabilized over the past seven days, with the daily total fluctuating between 900 and 1,100 cases for the province of 1.1 million people.