Saskatchewan. Amber Alert extended to South Dakota

An Amber Alert issued Monday for two children from Saskatchewan has been extended to South Dakota.

Saskatchewan RCMP say evidence uncovered during the investigation suggests seven-year-old Luna Potts and eight-year-old Hunter Potts are in South Dakota with their mother, Leah Potts, 45, and her common-law partner 50- Benjamin Martin Moore, age one, of Eastend, Saskatchewan.

Authorities in South Dakota issued a statewide Amber Alert at 11:05 p.m. CDT Tuesday evening.

RCMP said they are working closely with US law enforcement to locate the children, their mother and Moore.

Speaking on Tuesday, RCMP said Moore had a history of sexual offenses against children and vulnerable people and was convicted of sexual interference and possession of child pornography.

An Amber Alert was issued for the two children at the request of Shaunavon RCMP at approximately 7:20 p.m. Monday.

“We believe Luna and Hunter are in danger in the presence of Benjamin Moore and we want to locate them as quickly as possible to ensure they are brought home safely,” South District Chief Superintendent Tyler Bates said. of the Saskatchewan RCMP during the press. conference.

Shaunavon RCMP have been asked to assist the Department of Social Services in an investigation into the allegations surrounding Moore. Before police could question him, Moore, the two children and their mother had left their residence, RCMP said. Authorities visited Eastend’s home on August 2, but it had already been evacuated.

“We believe they are all together and have left the residence. The circumstances surrounding how they left the residence are really the subject of an ongoing investigation at this point,” Bates said.

The department then applied for an arrest order for the children, which resulted in the issuance of the Amber Alert.

“Ultimately, when an arrest order and request for an arrest order was made and provided by the Department of Human Services, that certainly triggered the issuance of the Amber Alert,” a- he declared.

RCMP said Moore failed to report a change of primary or secondary residence to the registration center, as required by the Sex Offender Information Registry Act.

As a result, Moore was charged and a warrant issued for his arrest.

Moore was previously charged and convicted of sexually touching a young child under the age of 16 and possession of child pornography in June 2009, provincial court records show.

Court records show he was sentenced to two years in the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary in Prince Albert for those convictions.

Bates said they knew Moore went by many names or aliases, including Hawk Smith and Ben Scutchings.

“We thought the public needed this information because ultimately if they identify as one of these aliases, that might be useful information,” he said.

They may be traveling in a dark blue 2015 Chevy Equinox, Alberta license plate CGC2492.

“The most serious action we can take to locate children at risk is an Amber Alert,” Bates said. “We will continue to provide information on their whereabouts.”

Bates said Saskatchewan residents should always be on the lookout.

“As far as their potential return to Saskatchewan, or Canada for that matter, it’s entirely possible,” he said.

Following the alert, RCMP said an individual reported an incident involving Moore to police.

“We encourage anyone else who may have been victimized by Benjamin Moore to file a complaint with the police,” Bates said.

“We take these issues seriously and want to make sure survivors are supported.”

Bates said so far they have received a number of tips regarding the ongoing investigation.

“Our provincial investigative teams have taken over the investigation and they are following up on all information as it is received,” he said.

Bates said their current priority is to locate the children and their mother.

“We believe these children are in grave danger and that is our priority. We are exhausting and reviewing all investigative leads to locate them,” he said.

RCMP are asking anyone who sees Luna, Hunter, Leah Potts or Benjamin Moore, or has information about their whereabouts, to immediately contact 911 or 1-877-SOAMBER (762-6237) in Canada. For the United States, you can report information at 911 or by calling 1-306-780-5563.


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