Sandrine Rousseau, the dynamiter

But what is Sandrine Rousseau looking for? The intervention of the ecologist deputy from Paris, to relaunch accusations of moral harassment by Julien Bayou on a former companion, continues to paralyze the Europe Ecology-The Greens movement. “Individualism in politics is a poison”, releases a framework who does not take off on the public unpacking which led Julien Bayou to resign from his post of national secretary: “Decency and respect are not compatible with social networks. »

Worried about a drift towards “private law justice”the Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupond-Moretti thundered: “Ms. Rousseau is not the nation’s attorney general. » The philosopher Élisabeth Badinter added: “Ms. Rousseau wants to set everything on fire. » It is true that the former finalist in the environmental primary for the presidential election is not at his first controversy. From « bbq »symbol of virility, at work, « right value » to which she opposes a « right to laziness ». Each time, a statement on a media or on Twitter leads to another, and so on. A « tweeting of political life » denounced within EELV, « while eight million French people are on food aid ».

If the purpose of the slamming and shocking remarks is to gain notoriety, then the buzz succeeded for Sandrine Rousseau: she appeared on the cover of two weeklies, The Obs and Current valuesThursday, September 29. “She got drunk on the media”, observes Daniel Boy, director of research emeritus at the Center for Political Research at Sciences Po (Cevipof). He perceives an explanation in « great resentment » aroused by his score in the 2021 primary: “She was very sorry to lose narrowly (48.97%) and traumatized to have been excluded by the party from Yannick Jadot’s campaign – she thought he was not legitimate. She gets her revenge. »

Another explanation, on the merits this time: the ecologist deputy wants to lead a cultural fight, to question “a system of oppression” where man is primarily responsible for the ecological situation (1). “For that we will need political courage. And what I can tell you is that I have courage; anger fills me; radicality, I am steeped in it », she said, in front of the EELV activists who cheered her on in Poitiers in August 2021.

EELV spokesperson, Alain Coulombel believes that« there is in her the incarnation of anger on the place of women in society and social inequalities ». This representative of the party’s left wing admits that she “uses, intentionally or not, a disruptive communication strategy”. According to him, this has « the advantage of highlighting subjects that may seem minor but, in reality, are not ».

Changing the system involves gaining power. Sandrine Rousseau has her sights set on the EELV congress, which should be held on December 10 and 11. This deadline is preparing in troubled waters, the Bayou affair polluting internal discussions. The lawyer Marie Dosé, who defends the former national secretary, denounced a “political instrumentalization” : “Political ambition cannot justify all the crusades. » Meeting on Saturday, October 1, the management of EELV reaffirmed its confidence in the internal cell of the party responsible for violence against women, seized of the case. These quarrels will prevent us from debating the « real problem of the Greens » says political scientist Daniel Boy : “The loss of their identity after the alliance of the Nupes, where they find themselves with a competitor who dominates them. »


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