Saguenay: bauxite dust disturbs residents

Residents of the borough of La Baie, in Saguenay, are inconvenienced by bauxite dust in the neighborhood located around the port facilities of the Rio Tinto company.

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The complaints are so numerous that the multinational met with citizens last June to discuss with them.

Bauxite, a reddish material, the citizens of First Avenue in La Baie no longer want to see it.

“I wonder why they work with the doors closed in winter and open in summer. Playing in the dust creates a draft,” confirmed Claude Simard, resident of the area.

Bauxite dust is present on the edge of windows, doors and even on the facade of houses.

“A house was white and now it is not. It’s too bad, if you want to sell your house, the buyer will tell you that your shingle is not great. It makes you lose value, ”explained the resident.

It’s not a new problem. But recently, the company would have agreed to have certain residences cleaned in the face of numerous complaints from citizens. Obviously, the result is not satisfactory.

“It’s really worse than before. I asked if he could come and clean it for me, they told me it was too late,” explained Patrick Fortin.

In addition to dirt, it is the impact on health that is also worrying.

“Every time I open the window, I can expect to see a good layer of residue on my counter and my bookcase. I wonder if there are any effects on my health, we breathe it,” said a resident.

Representatives of the multinational reportedly met with citizens on June 16. Rio Tinto claims to take the situation seriously.


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