Sabrina Impacciatore Recalls Messy Audition For ‘The White Lotus’


The White Lotus Star Sabrina Impacciatore dropped a big bombshell in a recent interview when she initially said « no » to her audition for the hit series Mike White.

Impacciatore is not new to the limelight; the Italian actor has credits dating back to 1997 when she was in the main cast of the Italian sitcom Disokkupati before making his film debut in Francesco Maselli He comes with in 1999.

She revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she wasn’t interested in interviewing for her role as the « bitchy » hotel manager because she hadn’t « seen the first season » and was in production for a different project.

“I was called by my agent who said: ‘This is an important hearing; They’ve been looking for an actress for four months and they can’t find her. I was already shooting another movie at the time, so initially I said no,” Impacciatore said.

The actor went on to share that her agent pushed her to explore the opportunity further.

Impacciatore says THR« [My agent] suggested I watch season 1 of The White Lotus suddenly, that night, I didn’t sleep: I binge-watched all the episodes. I swear it was love at first sight. I thought, ‘That’s my kind of thing.’

The actor quickly changed his mind and decided to go ahead with the audition; however, when it came to the day of filming, her experience was rather complicated. Impacciatore said the « actor friends » she asked to help her record her audition tape both tested positive for COVID on the day of filming.

« So, I recorded my audition with my brother reading the other lines. And even though my brother speaks English, he’s not an actor. For the audition, I had to film five scenes, all featuring many characters,” she explained.

Impacciatore recruited a group of people to help him film the various scenes, including his neighbors, Alessandro Riceci and Marit Nissen, both actors. As for the final product, she said, “I didn’t get to watch it. I was very tense; I was crying with anxiety. I called another friend, actress Dodi Conti, and she came. We were up until 3 a.m. deciding what to send.

Fortunately, The White Lotus the production team did not let her wait. Impacciatore’s agent called two days later to say that « everyone was impressed » with his recordings. At the time, the actress said she « still wasn’t sure » and the movie she was shooting, Dolomites, wouldn’t give him time to meet White. “We needed to wrap it up. Finally, because I insisted, they let me. So I finally met Mike,” she said in the interview.

But Impacciatore explained that meeting White is what finally convinced her to sign. « When I decide to join a project, I do so because I fall in love with the character or the people working on it, » she said.

And we’re all grateful that she did because Valentina immediately became a fan favorite for the show’s viewers, especially when it came to her striking chemistry with local sex workers Mia (Beatrice Grannò) and Lucia (Simona Tabasco).

The White Lotus is currently streaming on HBO Max.


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