Russian separatists say they surrounded Lysychansk

1:38 p.m .: Separatists say they have surrounded Lysytchansk

According to Russian news agencies, the separatists say they have surrounded Lysytchansk.

1:23 p.m .: Dmytro Kuleba discusses with Josep Borrell

Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, indicated on Twitter that he had exchanged with Josep Borrell, his European counterpart, ahead of the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the G20. At the heart of their discussion were the “next steps now that Ukraine has become an EU candidate country” and “the need for the European Union’s seventh sanctions package against Russia”.

According to China’s state-run news agency, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will attend the summit meeting in Indonesia, Bali, by invitation, on July 7-8. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is also expected to attend.

11:58 am: The Russian ship seized in mid-April en route to the port of Piraeus

A Russian tanker carrying Iranian oil, which had been seized in Greece in mid-April at the request of American justice, was finally heading this Saturday towards the autonomous port of Piraeus, the largest seaport in Greece.

11:14 a.m .: Contact restored with the Zaporijia power plant

The Ukrainian state nuclear agency Energoatom said that contact had been restored since Friday July 1 between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Zaporizhia power plant, which is occupied by Russian forces.

10:37 am: Washington again sends ammunition and shells

The Pentagon on Friday announced new military aid to Ukraine worth $820 million, including missiles, shells and air defense tools, including four radars, to deal with the military. Russian in the south and east of the country at war.

9:59 am: Mykolaiv targeted by major explosions

Oleksander Senkevich, the mayor of Mykolaiv, a city not far from Odessa, indicated on the Telegram application that the city was targeted by major explosions on Saturday morning, according to the Reuters agency.

« There are powerful explosions in the city! Stay in the shelters! » he wrote. Air raid sirens sounded throughout the Mykolaiv region just before the blasts.

9:25 am: The advance of Russian troops confirmed around Lysytchansk

In their latest update shared on Twitter, the intelligence services of the British Ministry of Defense confirmed the advance of Russian troops around Lysytchansk. However, according to them, the Russian army must face a depletion of its ammunition, in particular the most modern, which would force Moscow to resort to anti-ship missiles within the framework of its ground offensives.

7:33 a.m .: An act of Russian “terror” denounces Volodymyr Zelensky

On Friday, at least 21 people were killed in « strategic bomber strikes » in the middle of the night on buildings in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine. This is a new act of « deliberate Russian terror and not a few mistakes or an accidental missile strike », denounced President Volodymyr Zelensky in the evening, stressing that there is not the slightest target. military there, and renewed calls for Western anti-missile systems.

6:58 a.m .: In the “borscht war”, Ukraine wins against Russia

Failing to win on the military ground, Ukraine won a symbolic battle over Russia on Friday, UNESCO having recognized that the Russian invasion was jeopardizing the Ukrainian culture of borscht, a soup tasted on both sides of the border .

Before the UNESCO Heritage Commission, Minister Tkatchenko had affirmed that, despite the war, “many Ukrainian families are going to eat Ukrainian borscht today”. « In the destroyed cities, in the other countries which welcomed the Ukrainian populations, the Ukrainian borscht is a gastronomic symbol of our national identity ». Borscht is a soup made from beets and cabbage, often served with fresh cream, very popular in Central Europe. Russia was trying to appropriate this Ukrainian national dish.

6:46 a.m .: The latest highlights on the ground

– At least 21 people were killed in strikes during the night from Thursday to Friday on buildings in the Odessa region. Ukrainian Southern Front Command says Tupolev Tu-22 Cold War strategic bombers fired Kh-22 missiles from Black Sea against apartment building and tourist buildings . In Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that Russian forces were not targeting “civilian targets”.

– Fighting continues around Lyssytchansk, the last major city yet to be conquered by the Russians in the Lugansk region, one of the two provinces of the Donbass industrial basin. For the staff of the French armies, if « the Russian forces exert very strong pressure on Lyssytchansk », they do not threaten « at this stage the overall cohesion of the Ukrainian defensive system in the Donbass ».

– The Ukrainian army on Friday evening accused the Russians of having fired phosphorus bombs on Serpents’ Island in the Black Sea. Moscow forces had withdrawn from this island on Thursday after being driven out by the Ukrainians.

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