Russian propagandist suggests killing Putin after Kherson failure

The withdrawal of the Russian army from the strategic city of Kherson, in southern Ukraine, is causing a stir among Russian propagandists; one of them, Alexander Dugin, even hinted that Vladimir Putin should be killed.

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The Kherson region had been annexed at the end of September by the Kremlin. The withdrawal of troops from the regional capital represents a downright “humiliation” for Alexander Dugin, often nicknamed the “mastermind of Putin” because of the influence he has with the Russian president.

In a message published on the Telegram network, the ultranationalist testifies to his frustration with the events of the last few days.

It refers to a book by James George Frazer, The Golden Branch, to support his words, a work in which a King is killed for not having “produced rain during a drought”.

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“We give to the sovereign [Vladimir Poutine] absolute power, and it saves us all, the people, the state, the people, the citizens, at a critical moment. If for this he [Vladimir Poutine] surround yourself with m**** or spit on social justice, it’s unpleasant. Then we will see his fate,” he wrote.

Russian propagandist suggests killing Putin after Kherson failure

Dugin added to this by saying that Russia had “abandoned Kherson” and that all “true Russians” should mourn and feel “pain”.

Even if the propagandist implicitly asserts that the president of Russia should be killed, he nevertheless calls for the overthrow of the regime.

According to the daily “Mirror”, he is the first Russian propagandist to make provocative remarks surrounding “Putin’s failure” in his invasion launched in February.

Alexander Dougin made headlines this summer when he survived an assassination attempt in the Moscow region. It was ultimately her daughter, Darya, who was killed, probably by mistake.

Russian propagandist suggests killing Putin after Kherson failure


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