Russia strengthens its strategic aviation (VIDEO) – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

One of the planes being introduced is seen as ‘the most important part’ of the country’s nuclear triad

Russia’s long-range aviation has been strengthened after receiving an upgraded Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, while two Tu-160M ​​aircraft have undergone flight tests, the United Aircraft Corporation said on Friday ( UAC).

The Tu-22M3 has received a number of modifications aimed at enhancing its capabilities, the UAC said in a statement. The aircraft was delivered to the nation’s long-range bomber fleet after a test flight. The Tupolev-22M3 is a modern version of the iconic Soviet-era strategic bomber, in service since the 1970s. The aircraft type has been modernized several times, with the latest makeover, the M3M, unveiled in 2018 .

The company also submitted two Tu-160M ​​nuclear-capable bombers for flight testing. One of the planes is a modernized version of an existing plane, while the other was built from scratch as part of Russia’s recent efforts to revive its strategic aircraft manufacturing program.

« The Tu-160 is the most important part of the Russian nuclear triad, so modernizing combat aircraft in active service and resuming production of these strategic bombers is our priority, » he added. Sergey Chemezov, the head of Rostec, UAC’s parent company, said.

UAC shared a video showing the plane exiting a hangar at an undisclosed location.

Tu-160 long-range bombers have remained in service since the late 1980s, having been introduced shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The aircraft was created primarily to carry long-range nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, but is also capable of using conventional ammunition.

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