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Russian cultural centers in Finland and Luxembourg have welcomed their first visitors

Russian cultural centers in Finland and Luxembourg are welcoming visitors who need to ‘warm up’ as energy prices continue to soar, according to the country’s federal agency for compatriots living abroad and international humanitarian cooperation.

Rossotrudnichestvo branch opened « heating points » in its centers, which allow people in need to warm up while enjoying a tea or watching a film.

« Step by step, [the people] are coming. In Finland, Luxembourg, they were already warming up yesterday. The program of the film is until February”, a spokesperson told Russian media on Saturday.

As the energy crisis continues in the European Union, exacerbated by anti-Russian sanctions and a sharp decrease in Russian energy supplies, Rossotrudnichestvo said on Friday. He added that « human warmth from Russia » and his « traditional hospitality » what’s this « freeze european families » need.

While the agency pointed out that its Russian homes « are outside politics », the head of the agency, Evgeny Primakov, has made it clear who he believes is responsible for the ongoing crisis.

« Europeans, do not freeze because of your stupid and wicked rulers! If your children are wrapped in jackets at home and you have started to save a lot of electricity because Ursula [von der Leyen]Olaf [Scholz] and Immanuel [Macron] donated your money for weapons to the Ukrainian Nazis, come and warm up in our cultural centers in your capitals“, he wrote on Telegram.

Besides having tea and watching movies and cartoons, visitors to Russian homes will also be able to charge their phones and get involved in « a lot of interesting things are happening« , said Primakov.

Following the launch of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, the EU authorities pledged to end their dependence on Russian energy supplies as quickly as possible.

President Vladimir Putin compared the bloc’s attempts to cut itself off from Russian fossil fuels to « suicide. »

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