Rugby World Cup: the Blue dream of finally picking the Reds Roses

After a far from perfect start to the competition where the French rugby team won the victory against the South Africans (40-5) without finding the way, another challenge awaits them. Indeed, the Blue find for their second group match, England, pet peeve of the tricolors and among the great favorites of the competition. By pulverizing the Fijians, the English have clearly announced the color, even if the French team wants to believe it: « Of course, we do not win the last matches against them, but we are never far away, so we know that it is possible. Inevitably, there is a little annoyance because we want to get there, but our motivation is also increased tenfold, as well as our desire to beat them, especially during an event like this, where the cards are going to be totally overhauled. So yes, we’re going to be outsiders but it’s almost better, because at least we can gauge ourselves and really enter the competition. explains winger Émilie Boulard.

We will have to raise the level against the English

During their first match, the French did not know how to express their full potential against an opponent yet within their reach: “There was a little slump during part of the match, during which we lacked precision. Part of the match gives us a lot of confidence, like the end, which is better, but we would have liked it to be the perfect match, the reference match ”.

Fifty minutes without scoring a single point is indeed a bit long! We will therefore have to raise the level against English women who are prepared like never before. Les Bleues will face the top of world rugby. An adversary they know well, with characteristics close to those encountered against the South Africans “for the physical density and the harshness of the fights, the profiles of players are similar. but “they are still different teams at the strategic and technical level. We will therefore have to raise the bar and be at the level and on top” ends the winger. At the top indeed, so that France washes away the many affronts suffered against England. The French have lost their last ten games against the XV of the rose and remain on a setback (12-24) against the Reds Roses during the last 6 Nations Tournament. It is therefore time to reverse the trend and remind Her Majesty’s subjects that in 2018 they had been defeated (18 to 17).

We keep the same and we start again

Anyway the tricolor staff will play security and continuity for this crunch. There will be only one change in the starting XV. This is the first line, the hooker Agathe Sochat who will find a starting role instead of the Montpellier Laure Touyé who will find herself on the bench. For the rest, we keep the same and we start again, hoping for a success that would allow the XV of France to obtain a better ranking for the quarters. Wait and see…


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