RTOERO urges Ontarians to speak with one voice in this municipal election on issues of dignity, survival


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Toronto, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RTOERO is sounding the alarm on issues of dignity and survival during the municipal election campaign in Ontario. This month, he launched a digital campaign urging Ontarians to speak with one voice on three critical issues: environmental stewardship, geriatric health care and the seniors strategy.

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The campaign invites Ontarians to send a letter to their candidates asking for their position on the issues. The campaign website is vibrantvoices.ca/municipal. A social media campaign will be released with the campaign video titled One Voice.

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« If dignity and survival are not at the heart of all decision-making today, given the extent of our knowledge and resources, it calls into question our character and ethics as humans » , says Martha Foster, Chair of the RTOERO Board of Directors. « By speaking with one voice on critical issues, we hope we can impress on candidates that we expect compassionate leadership and real action. »

“The response to the pandemic shows that we can work together to bring about massive change,” said RTOERO CEO Jim Grieve. “This is what we need now to ensure a sustainable and flourishing future for all Ontarians.

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white papers

RTOERO has written white papers on its three priority issues for the election.

Senior strategy

Geriatric health care

environmental stewardship


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