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Ronaldo offers to pay after his $2m supercar crashes – media

The Portuguese football icon reportedly offered to pay the tab for the damage caused by his employee

Cristiano Ronaldo has offered to foot the bill for the damage caused when a member of his staff smashed his $2million Bugatti in Mallorca, according to reports.

The incident happened in the town of Bunyola on Spain’s famous holiday island, where Ronaldo is currently enjoying an off-season holiday ahead of his upcoming Premier League campaign with Manchester United.

One of Ronaldo’s employees, believed to be a bodyguard, crashed the 37-year-old new $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse into the wall of a property on Monday morning around 11 a.m. local.

Although there were fortunately no injuries, damage was caused to the house and the owner explained the extent to Ultima Hora in Spain.

“Since the collision they have ripped out my water meter and since then I have not been able to live in my own house,”lamented the owner, who also feared that his dog was the victim of the accident because he usually waits for him in the area where the luxury vehicle hit.

“I thought they had killed him. When I [came home]I saw him tremble with fear far from the entrance”, he added.

The landlord then revealed how he went to the property Ronaldo rents at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains for an explanation.

“I had to wait a long time for the door to open, but I was greeted by a very polite man and woman,” he said. 

“On behalf of Ronaldo, they promised to pay for all the damage caused by the Bugatti. They told me to fix everything and keep the bills.”

As reported by local media in Mallorca, the damages will be covered by the relevant party’s insurance company, with Ronaldo’s willingness to cooperate eliminating the need to alert authorities and attend court.

Ronaldo flew to Mallorca with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and five children on June 14.

While renting the property, where they are expected to stay for a few more days, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner and his family spent days at sea on Ronaldo’s super yacht.

Simultaneously, Ronaldo’s Mercedes-Benz G-Class was shipped from North West England along with the damaged Bugatti.

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Crucially, the break represents the first time that Ronaldo and his partner have taken their daughter Esmeralda on vacation after her twin brother died in childbirth in April.

Back in England and reporting for training for Manchester United, it won’t be long before the Euro 2016 champions leave.

On their first overseas pre-season tour since the pandemic, Erik ten Hag’s men will travel to Thailand and face bitter rivals Liverpool in Bangkok on July 12.

After that, they venture south to Australia to take on Melbourne Victory, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa between July 15-23.