1. Who was the first Roman emperor?

A. Julius Caesar

B. Octave Augustus

C. Romulus

2. According to legend, what is the filiation between Troy and Rome?

A. The Trojan Prince Aeneas

B. Jason and his Argonauts

C. Ulysses

3. Which famous philosopher was the tutor of a Roman emperor?

A. Cicero

B. Lucretius

C. Seneca

4. Which Roman emperor played the lyre while watching Rome burn?

A. Claude

B. Nero


5. Which Roman emperor left an important philosophical work?

A. Hadrian

B. Marc Aurelius

C. Vespasian

Answers: 1. B. Successor of Julius Caesar assassinated before he could be named emperor. 2.A. The Aeneid was commissioned by Octave Auguste from Virgil to create this legend. 3. C. Seneca was Nero’s tutor who forced him to commit suicide. 4. B. Still Nero, decidedly very sympathetic. 5. B. His thoughts, very topical, belong to Stoic philosophy.


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