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Robert Oden: Atlanta SWAT officer saves unresponsive baby by performing CPR
The chance encounter happened around noon when SWAT officer Robert Oden saw a vehicle driving down the street with its hazards and the car’s horn “sounding frantically”, the Atlanta Police Department said. in a press release. Oden, who was patrolling the area, decided to follow the car in case of an emergency.

After the vehicle parked at a fire station, the occupants got out and ran towards Oden for help, the statement said.

Footage from Oden’s body camera – released by APD – shows the vital moments.

At the start of the video, a frantic woman is seen running towards Oden with a baby in her arms. “He’s not answering,” she was heard to say, later exclaiming, “Oh my God.”

Oden quickly informs the radio dispatch of the emergency and begins performing CPR on the baby, who is placed on the grass outside the fire station. Oden was unable to detect the baby’s pulse, according to the APD statement.

In the footage, Oden is seen alternating between using his fingers and thumb for chest compressions and bending over several times to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the baby.

Oden tells one of the passers-by to knock on the door of the fire station to see if there is anyone inside.

He performs CPR on the infant for about a minute and a half before a rescuer arrives to pick up the infant.

By the time EMS workers arrived, Oden had managed to take the pulse of the infant whose “legs began to move,” the department said.

“Grady EMS took custody of the child and rushed him to hospital for further treatment,” he added.

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