Robbery in a convenience store in the Saint-Edmond district

A convenience store on rue Chaussé was the target of a robbery on the morning of December 28, in the Saint-Edmond district. Alexandre Nadeau, 28, fled on foot. He was found two blocks away.

The armed individual showed up at the store around 9:30 a.m. « He would have shouted ‘Boom! Boom! » and pointed what appeared to be a weapon towards the owner at the counter”, summarizes agent Barbara-Anne Dion, of the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu police department.

The author of heist asked for cigarettes and the contents of the cash drawer. The shopkeeper agreed to give him tobacco, but refused to give him the money. The man blasphemed and continued to point his gun in the direction of his victim. He fled on foot when he learned that the police were heading for the convenience store.

The owner of the convenience store wanted to follow the suspect by car. The patrol officers pinned him in the courtyard of a duplex on rue Fortin. His weapon, a homemade imitation, was found not far from there.

“He resisted his arrest a bit and was very disturbed. The man has no criminal history, but he is known to our services for his mental health problems,” said Agent Dion.


Alexandre Nadeau was transported by ambulance to the Haut-Richelieu Hospital. He appeared the next day by videoconference at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu courthouse. Two counts of robbery and use of an imitation firearm have been filed against him.

The Crown opposed his release. He is due to appear before a judge again on January 4.

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