« Revolution »: the great resilience of a dancer from Lévis

Dance has always been a passion for Amélie Albert. In December 2021, however, she had to stop because of several pulmonary embolisms which left her with trauma. But the passion was finally stronger.

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Participate in Revolution was a personal challenge, and the masters were able to detect, on Sunday evening, as much his fragility as his great mastery of movements, his finesse and his impeccable technique. However, the 23-year-old Lévisienne had to work hard to reach this level.

“I started dancing at the age of three because my older sister was doing it. I really wanted to be like her. We even put on shows in the basement.”

This passion never left her, even if her sister gave up.

For her, dancing is very liberating. « It can also be therapeutic, because it allows you to share emotions through movements rather than words. »


In December 2021, Amélie returned to Quebec for the Holidays, while participating in a dance training program in New Jersey.

“I started having chest pains. In the ER, I was diagnosed with multiple pulmonary embolisms with blood clots in both lungs. I was treated with anticoagulants for several months. I couldn’t dance for at least five weeks. »


During this period, just breathing was difficult. “There were times when I was paralyzed with pain. It was panicking, because every time I breathed, I had severe pain. All my muscles were tensing, I had no control over my body.

While her body responded well to the treatments, her mental health was more affected.

“It left me with trauma. I was very anxious to always think about my breathing. When I started dancing again, just feeling my breath quicken brought back bad memories. I had more difficulty dancing last winter, but it was more psychological than physical. Today, everything is much better.”


This event also changed the way he sees his passion. « I think I’ve always wanted to make a career out of dancing, but I couldn’t let myself say it out loud. I thought it was too difficult, that it would be better to have a more academic background.


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