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The emotions of the dancers were put to the test this Sunday with the announcement of the new stage, called the ultimate selection. A third of them were dismissed following this ordeal.

« There was an emotional lift when Sarah-Jeanne broke the news, » said Samuel Maurin Bonte, content director for the show. They were all bewildered and confused. There was then an enthusiastic reaction in the dancers’ room for those who were chosen as essential, and the others quickly got back to work.

This is particularly the case of Mikaël St-Hilaire, who had not seen this new obstacle coming on his way to the final.

« I was really surprised because I thought I had a little more time to recover from my back injury, » said the 21-year-old dancer. But the following week, I had to start creating a whole new issue. It’s always a lot of work. »

The masters notably asked him to go further in his search for movements, to dance more.

“I understood that my concepts sometimes took up a little too much space in my choreographies, but this time, I danced 100%. I couldn’t do more moves than that. But I still kept a guiding idea with the rose. During the face to face, Laurent gave me a red flower, I decided to reuse it in this number.

An established plan

Mikaël St-Hilaire, who has already participated in the show with the Five Alive troupe in season 2, had established a plan before his participation in “Revolution”.

“I planned everything I was going to do on the show until the finale. This new surprise step unsettled me a little, but it didn’t call into question the whole plan I had drawn up. I just had to insert one more idea.”

After his performance, the masters highlighted his research work and his boiling creativity.

“It proves to me once again that I have my place and that I can go far in the competition. But the further we go, the more good dancers there are. I know that I will have to stand out to go as far as possible.

Mikaël’s desire is to show his talent in order to develop his career as a dancer.

“The show brings me a lot of visibility. There are several choreographers who have contacted me to participate in projects, it’s really encouraging for the future. That’s what I came for and it works pretty well. »

Clique, 14 to 20 years old, Saint-Basile-le-Grand

The six girls of Clique were happy to perform once again on the stage of « Revolution ».

The masters wanted to see them get out of their competitive movements to go more into the emotion. They have been served.

“The day before the shooting, my grandmother died, told Zanna. It was a big shock for me, and for the girls in the group. It created a heavier climate for our performance, but at the same time more real, more felt. It was really a strange situation. We were all in a great state of vulnerability. It was very destabilizing, but since we tell the mourning from the beginning until the acceptance in the number, it helped us to get through.

The number impressed the masters and the audience.

“It’s like a reward for the enormous work that we put into this stage, confirmed Anaïs. Being selected shows us that we have been up to it.” They even have the impression of having matured through all this ordeal. “It feels like this step unlocked a new door,” Zanna said. We have lots of new tools that we will be able to experiment with for the future.”

Sunny Boisvert, 25, Saint-Lin–Laurentides

Not being chosen as essential left a bitter taste in Sunny Boisvert. “Even though I won, I felt like I lost my head-to-head, because my competitors, The Renegades, went straight to the next stage. I was disappointed with myself, not with the result. I understood the choice of masters. To be honest, I didn’t like my one-on-one performance less. I thought too much, I was too much in my head. For the final selection, Sunny went back to what he does best, pure and hard krump.

“We are always ready to take up challenges, even if the revolution is never easy to find, especially solo. I had the chance to speak with Laurent from Les Twins, he advised me to stay true to myself and just choose a highlight of my number that could stand out. That’s what I do and it works well. »

TNV, 16 to 20 years old, Montreal and surroundings

After being eliminated in the revolution event last season, the TNV troupe hoped to be able to pass this stage without incident this year. “We were especially destabilized by this final selection because we had really calculated our competition, explained Loïc. We knew in advance what we wanted to do for the different rounds until the final. We were so prepared that we had all planned a vacation in the south with our families.

Adding choreography made them work even harder and faster.

« We had a month for this stage, but we developed our number in just two weeks, » added Jianna. Their mission was to work on their musicality and force themselves to do something beyond their level.

“We were able to do an exercise with Laurent which helped us a lot, explained Jianna. You had to listen to a song by identifying the rhythms, the lyrics… The real challenge was to show the nuances in our musicality, without forgetting the technique.

They delivered the goods and the troop said they grew through this exercise. « We understood that staying in your comfort zone doesn’t really pay off, » explained Loïc. We always have to show new aspects in our work.”

The essential candidates:

ADB, 15 to 21 years old, Quebec
Antonina and Denys, 32 and 37, New York
Jessie and Jason, 33 and 30, Laval and New York
Joanne and Anton, 49 and 42, Toronto
Marie-Josée and Jason, 28 and 20, Montreal and Saint-Sauveur
Sebastien Leroux, 17, Orleans (ON)
The Renegades, 18-24, Toronto

Candidates saved:

Angelyk Delisle-Hevey, 18, Montreal
Clique, 14 to 20 years old, Saint-Basile-le-Grand
Éklectik, 16 to 22 years old, Quebec
Ann-Florence and Ophélie Begin, 14 and 16 years old, Quebec
Mikaël St-Hilaire, 21 years old, Bécancour
Sunny Boisvert, 25, Saint-Lin–Laurentides
TNV, 16 to 20 years old, Montreal and surroundings


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