Returning to retirement at age 60 is possible!

« A provocation », « a coup », « a threat of great regression »… the qualifiers are not lacking in the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) when it comes to reacting to the project to postpone the retirement age defended by Emmanuel Macron. And it is not alternative proposals that are lacking on the left either, contrary to what the Élysée likes to claim, striking down on each occasion that“there is only one way to do it: since we live longer, we have to work longer”.

« Work better, all and less »

At this » work more « sung to the tune of “There is no alternative” Thatcherite, communists, rebels, socialists and ecologists oppose the “work better, all and less”. And as such, the four left-wing formations provide in their common program, drawn up last May for the legislative elections, the return to retirement at age 60 for 40 annuities (the option was however not supported either by Anne Hidalgo or by Yannick Jadot in the presidential election, both in favor of maintaining the 62-year-old). This measure should take place « in priority », considers the ecologist deputy Sophie Taillé-Polian, for those « who started early, who are damaged by work ». The coalition also proposes to restore the hardship factors removed by Emmanuel Macron.

« We want a healthy retirement, we don’t want retirement for the dead or workers too tired to enjoy it, » explains the communist deputy Pierre Dharréville, considering that« one has the right at some point in one’s life to be freed from prescribed work » and of « provide a form of work chosen for the benefit of society, of one’s relatives ». Unlike the head of state, whose project is supported by only 22% of French people according to Ifop, the left can boast of popular support with 71% of opinions in favor of a return to 60 years, according to a February survey of the same institute. No question either for the Nupes of sacrificing the quality of retirement. « The level of pensions must imperatively be reassessed », considers PS deputy Arthur Delaporte. The coalition thus intends to bring « at least at the level of the Smic revalued to 1,500 euros all pensions for a full career, the minimum old age at the level of the poverty line » and “index the amount of pensions on wages”.

Solutions abound

But how to finance? « Productivity gains monopolized by capital make it largely possible to finance the maintenance of a real right to retirement », says Pierre Dharréville, whose training pleads to put the contribution back at the heart of the system. The sharing of value between capital and labor would thus have to be rebalanced, starting, suggests the Nupes, by subjecting dividends, participation, employee savings, share buybacks to employer contributions. High salaries would also be put to a greater contribution with an over-contribution. In total, the alignment of the participation of financial income on those of work could bring in 30 billion, according to the PCF. « It’s not up to the people who toil to pay the bill in life time », summarizes the rebellious David Guiraud. Especially since there is no shortage of possibilities to top up the coffers: from the increase in wages (1% increase brings in 2.5 billion, it is calculated at the FI) to the creation of jobs, via the abolition of exemptions from contributions (including 20 billion Cice), equal pay for men and women (4 billion more)… And savings, the Nupes intends to do too: on unemployment benefits for seniors, whose rate of employment between 55 and 64 years is only 56%, and on those of young people, for whom positions will become available.


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