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Return of the Nordics: Minister Eric Girard will meet Gary Bettman on Thursday

The meeting scheduled between Finance Minister Eric Girard and the Commissioner of the NHL to talk about a potential return of the Nordiques to Quebec will take place this Thursday, in a virtual manner.

The information was first reported by The duty, who confirmed everything to both a spokesperson for the minister and another for the NHL.

The meeting was originally scheduled to take place in New York City, where the NHL’s offices are located, but COVID-19 thwarted plans. Bettman’s assistant commissioner and right-hand man, Bill Daly, will also be in attendance.

The Nordiques left for Colorado in May 1995 and the government would like to convince the leaders of the circuit that the economy of Quebec is not what it was at the time.

In December, at the NHL Governors’ meeting in Palm Beach, Fla., Bettman alluded to the meeting.

“I don’t know what the expectations are [du gouvernement] and that is why there is a meeting. Do not try to deduce anything. After the meeting, I will be happy to tell you what has or has not happened, ”he said.

On the other hand, he was careful not to promise anything to the enthusiasts of the return of the Nordics.

“The problem is still the same. Do we have a team that wants to move? At present, this is not the case. Will we want to do another expansion? As we speak, we don’t have that wish. I am going to have this meeting and I am happy to listen to what the Government of Quebec has to tell me ”