Return of the ICI Première animators

Patrick Masbourian, Pénélope McQuade, Alex Castonguay and Annie Desrochers returned to service this Monday with their respective show on ICI Première.

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However, the state-owned radio is counting on several new features in its schedule to maintain a good position in the ratings race, according to what was revealed on Monday.

You will have to wait until September 5 to listen to the two new daytime releases, namely « The day (is still young) » hosted from 1 p.m. by Jean-Philippe Wauthier and his accomplices as well as « There will always be culture » piloted at from 1:30 p.m. by Émilie Perreault. The latter will welcome Dany Laferrière, from Port-au-Prince, for his first meeting, whose title is inspired by what the famous author had said – “When everything falls, there remains culture!” – following the terrible 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

In the evening, three new programs will be installed from 9 p.m. on weekdays, after the programs already familiar to listeners. Every Tuesday, from September 6, Karyne Lefebvre will be at the helm of « Tell me what you read… », a weekly literary meeting. Stéphane Leclair will come every Wednesday with « Les grands interviews ». Finally, every Thursday, Paul Journet and Rose-Aimée Automne T. Morin will offer “Lesidées folles”, a program in which they will reflect on a host of subjects.

These three new broadcasts will be preceded by « L’heure du monde », « Moteur de recherche » and « Aujourd’hui l’histoire », which are back on the air.

On the weekends, Franco Nuovo will take over from Joël Le Bigot, who has retired, with « Draw me one morning » every Saturday and Sunday, while Marie-Louise Arsenault will begin on September 10, at 4 p.m., the adventure of his new talk show « Anything can happen ».

As for Catherine Perrin, she will be back with a new concept devoted to the environment and baptized “Green light”. Jean-Sébastien Girard will arrive with « Jeannot BBQ » and Rebecca Makonnen will host « Oil on the fire » with several collaborators, including Christiane Charette.

As for ICI Musique, its new programming will begin on August 22 and will be marked in particular by the arrival of Claudine Prévost (“En orbit”, Saturday at 2 p.m.) and Samian “Minotan!”, Saturday at 9 p.m.) .


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