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Return of “Second Chance”: Marina Orsini dives into new quests

Marina Orsini and Monic Néron are back at the helm of “Second Chance” this Saturday to present new quests carried out with empathy.

The formula for this fifth season of eight shows remains the same: allow Quebecers to thank an important person from their past or to apologize to someone they may have hurt.

To your tissues, because the quests of people who have called on the team are often very moving. And to start this new version produced by Zone 3 and A Media, we pay tribute to the nurses. Following a caesarean section, Geneviève almost died. She now wishes to thank the nurse who guided her through this storm. For her part, Valérie wants to tip her hat to the nurse who supported her while she was suffering from leukaemia.

Return of “Second Chance”: Marina Orsini dives into new quests

“Doing ‘Second chance’ always changes us a bit as a team. We feel very privileged to accompany people in their quest. These are important changes in their lives, it concludes stages for them and it allows them to move forward better for all kinds of reasons, so it’s very promising,” said Marina Orsini in an interview with the QMI Agency.

The host and actress does not hide it. Like many people who tell her they cried while watching the show, she has to contain herself. It is in her car, after an emotionally charged shoot, that she can let herself go.

“We too are crying. It is clear that it often happens to me to cry, so much I am touched by all these stories.

“In fact, what we see in ‘Second Chance’ is how humans live and carry their lives, how they do good or bad things, how they can influence the lives of others for the right reasons. said Marina, who would take at least five more seasons of “Second Chance”.

She describes her fellow investigator Monic Néron in very complimentary terms, calling her “perfect”. “There is all the intelligence of the journalist, the one who investigates and who searches, and there is all the humanity of this girl there who is absolutely authentic, kind and loving. We make a very nice duo.”

“People talk to me a lot about “Second chance”, chained Marina. People need TV like that, comforting, that doesn’t fall into drama. We’re not here to put on a show. We are discreet and respectful.”

Other projects

After completing filming for the “Another story” series in December, Marina Orsini resumed hosting her daily “5 chefs in my kitchen” which is completing its second season. She has a few projects in development and also takes over the animation of “Story that resonates: the podcast of caregivers”, available on several platforms as well as on the site.

The first meeting of the fifth season of “Second chance” is broadcast this Saturday, at 8 p.m., on ICI TÉLÉ.

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