Retired jockey Libby Hopwood now on OnlyFans

Retired jockey and former Sky Racing presenter Libby Hopwood is making a bold career choice after revealing earlier this week that she was starting an OnlyFans.

Following in the footsteps of former Supercars driver Renee Gracie, who claims to earn $500,000 a month on the adult subscription website.

Although available to all types of artists, OnlyFans is synonymous with adult content.

Hopwood was a jockey until a horror fall in 2014 left him with bleeding brains, a broken collarbone, a fractured shoulder blade and a fractured vertebra.

In 2016, her comeback was shelved after she became an analyst at Sky Racing, where she worked for five years.

Libby Hopwood’s jockey career came to an end after a bad fall that resulted in brain damage.

Hopwood also has his own business and is still at the stables every day.

Having worked in the horse racing industry for the past 20 years, Hopwood said it made sense to continue doing what she does best, but in lingerie.

“I was enjoying a sexually liberated life a little more,” Hopwood said.

“I met my partner and he helped me become who I am. We were taking nice pictures but you can’t share them on normal social media so I thought why not show them on OnlyFans.

“This is a collage of all the cute and sexy pics I can share and not break any internet rules.

Libby Hopwood
Libby Hopwood said she was enjoying a “sexually liberated life”.

“It progressed from there.”

Hopwood calls herself Foxy Miss on OnlyFans and told the Daily Telegraph she has “hundreds of people now paying for her content”.

“I have lingerie pictures and a few pictures of my private shenanigans and things we do,” Hopwood said.

“I started a fitness segment wearing only lingerie. I love doing fitness so I thought why wouldn’t I do it in lingerie. I use my 20 or so years in the industry and I try to share it with a sexy and fun touch.

Libby Hopwood
Libby Hopwood says she has hundreds of subscribers.

This isn’t the first time Hopwood has come out on top either, having posed nude in 2017 to raise awareness about wearing helmets on horseback.

Speaking to Just Horse Racing, Hopwood said she couldn’t believe more people hadn’t followed suit on the OnlyFans route.

“It’s obviously risky because of the platform connotations, but basically it’s social media that you can monetize and frankly it seems crazy to me that other people aren’t using it,” he said. she declared. “Your platform is only what you choose to make it.

“Anyone who actually knows me as a person isn’t going to change their opinion of me because I posted some racy photos. It was a surprise, sure, but not too left for me.

Hilarious, she posted a photo of herself from the stables on Friday morning with “The face you make when you’re at work and your Nan sends you a picture of your boobs in the newspaper”.

Well, if it’s good for no…


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