Resurrection for “A guy, a girl” | Screens

To mark 25 years ofA boy a girl, the cult show will feature four new episodes. No revival, no special reunion, but four new half-hours starring Sylvie Léonard and Guy A. Lepage, the fictional couple we followed on the small screen from 1997 to 2003.

Now that their children are grown, Guy and Sylvie are selling their spacious suburban home to return to live in Montreal. As in their beginnings, they will have to learn to live together while facing the new generation now adults.

Martin Petit, Élise Guilbault, Pierre Lebeau, Mahée Paiement, Daniel Brière, Louise Richer and Geneviève Brouillette return to their respective roles.

As with the original seasons, Guy A. Lepage is writing these new episodes, in addition to directing them with Jean-François Fontaine.

The four new episodes ofA boy a girl – a series adapted in 31 countries and having won 36 Gémeaux – will be offered in 2023, first on ICI’s Extra, then on ICI Télé.

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