Republican and Democratic strategists weigh in on what Biden needs to change to stop the GOP in November

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Midterms are just four months away, and President Biden’s approval ratings are at an all-time low — a spelling problem for Democrats seeking to maintain narrow majorities in Congress.

Numerous polls have indicated that the economy, inflation and high gas and food prices are voters’ top concern, and a June Fox News poll shows more voters trust Republicans rather than Democrats to address economic concerns.

While many Republicans argue that nothing the Biden administration can do will stop voters from electing Republicans, many Democrats have sought to make gun control and abortion central election issues. .

Fox News Digital asked Republican and Democratic strategists what it would take for President Biden to improve his standing with the American people so that he is not a drag on Democratic candidates in the November election. Here is what they said:


Jessica Tarlov, Democratic strategist and co-host of Fox News’ « The Five »:

« I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, but I don’t hold out hope that Biden’s approval ratings can improve that much. Gas prices have started to come down, but inflation remains high and survey after survey shows that Americans are primarily concerned with their economic situation, another rate hike is on the way, which is not necessarily a short-term improvement for voters.

“That said, many Democrats are ahead of Biden in critical races like John Fetterman [in Pennsylvania]Tim Ryan [in Ohio]and Raphael Warnock [in Georgia]. It seems voters can separate their perception of the president from their candidates and Biden should do whatever he can to support and campaign for candidates who would benefit from/demand him to do so. And if not, he should stay in the background and let them run their races while helping with bold actions like the executive order to protect women’s right to choose, which will help Democrats in the medium term. Biden should continue on this path, giving candidates the fodder they need to campaign in these final months. »

Democratic strategist and Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov.

James Carville, Democratic strategist:

« Hey Otis, did you notice? 372,000 jobs in June, inflation starting to drop? There’s a good chance wage growth will outpace inflation by September. If that happens, the numbers for Biden would improve accordingly. We’re four months away, not four days. »

James Carville speaks

James Carville speaks
(Raul E. Diego/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Jason Rantz, host of the Jason Rantz Show:

« If President Biden wants to improve his standing with the American people and lessen the threat he poses to Democrats midterm, he should probably resign or stop talking. But I know that’s not going to happen, when How about this: stop lying to us.


« We were told inflation wasn’t happening, then it was transient, before they claimed it’s actually a good thing because it shows demand, but then they pivoted again to claim that greedy corporations had brought it on. It couldn’t be due to out-of-control spending, of course.

« Gas prices were skyrocketing before the war in Ukraine, but that’s sort of Putin’s price hike? Now it’s the small business owners who are to blame for the skyrocketing gas? We are not stupid, and when our bank accounts are hit hard, we have a long time. A recession is looming, meanwhile, his administration is telling us to buy electric vehicles at a price.

“As air travel collapses, the Biden administration is tearing down highways on the pretext that it is racist. We were told there was no crisis at the border, despite endless videos showing migrants crossing our open border. We lost American soldiers during the withdrawal from Afghanistan thanks to a backward plan, but it was a perfect success?

« This administration refuses to take responsibility for the problems we face or pretends they are not happening. But we feel the pain of its broken policies. Mere acknowledgment of reality would go a long way and it does not matter. wouldn’t come out as indifferent or disconnected. »

Jason Rantz on Fox News

Jason Rantz on Fox News

Steven Law, President and CEO of the Senate Leadership Fund:

« When you’re the President of the United States and famous activist Debra Messing yells at your staff on a White House conference call and asks you what the vote was for, you’re in serious trouble. Right on time Currently, about 8 out of 10 Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction, and the other 2 are gobbling up THC gummies like popcorn….

SJL Headshot

“So where does Joe Biden go now? His instinct is always to move further left. Roe vs. Wade, Biden has called for cutting out the filibuster to enact a national abortion guarantee until the moment of birth — a stance so extreme it could swing the post-decision political struggle toward the pro-life team. If that smacks of desperation, you can expect Biden to wear this cologne for the next four months.


« Meanwhile, Biden can’t veer into the middle, like President Clinton did after his midterm beating in 1994. He doesn’t have the political dexterity, and he needs the wing too much. progressive ascendant in the Democratic Party if he has any hope of running for a second term.

« Biden’s best options at this point are to push through fragments of his platform before the curtain falls in November and to firm up ties with his party’s power brokers. Biden’s ‘economic’ talk in the Ohio this week was really about getting close to big union bosses and offering them a gigantic taxpayer-funded bailout of their underfunded pension funds. Senate Democrats are jostling to pass tough new small business taxes and controls. European-style drug prices before Democrats left Washington in August to deal with an economy heading into recession.


« In other words, President Biden’s target audience is no longer ‘all Americans,’ if it ever was. Look for him to direct all of his political rhetoric and moves toward the narrow base of the party. of the left who will decide his fate as Democrats prepare for the next presidential election.In the coming months, Joe Biden won’t be trying to help Democrats in Congress keep their jobs, and he certainly won’t be focusing on helping you keep yours. his position until 2024. »


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