« Renegade », the shoe that « suits everyone »

When you ask Aymeric de Rorthays, general manager of Au vieux campeur, about the brand’s most emblematic product, two names come up spontaneously. The Lowa hiking boot – more specifically, the Renegade model – and the Hubba Hubba tent, at MSR.

So go for the Renegade. Because the hiking shoe is an (almost) universal product. And because, in the words of Aymeric de Rorthays, « the Renegade, it dresses women, men, old, young, rich, poor… It suits everyone ». It is also the best-selling product, for at least ten years. And one of the items that generate the most turnover for the brand.

italian family

And then, Au vieux campeur is easily recognized in the family business that produces it. « This brand specializing in hiking shoes is German, but its owners are partly Italian since it is the family that owns Tecnica, says Aymeric de Rorthays. technical, we meet them regularly, it’s really the family, and the Italian family as we imagine it. »

Listening to Aymeric from Rorthays, one might think he is a member, as he writes about his flagship product. In twenty-five years of existence, he continues, “the Renegade knew how to stay the same, while evolving according to “trends”: when color was fashionable, it became colourful, when leather was most in demand, it was 100% leather; when the membranes arrived, she became membraned, then she adopted the eco-designed soles of Vibram…” Without forgetting the seasonal versions, “very breathable for the summer and with a non-slip sole in the winter…”.

Made in Europe

In short, the product has been widely declined « but when you see it from the outside, it’s still the same Renegade ». Always the same European, too. First made in Germany, it is now made in Slovenia – only the membranes come from Asia, which is almost the only producing continent. Incidentally, we learn that the hiking shoe is the only very large volume product to be manufactured in Europe – especially in Germany and Italy.

Those over 20 remember that it was sold for a long time at the price of 1,000 francs. It then reached new levels, this time in euros: it reached €169 then €179, to now come close to €200. “We manage to negotiate with the supplier to stay below this bar, but it becomes difficult, reveals Aymeric de Rorthays. Given its quality, it is a product that could cost 10 or 15% more. But its large sales volumes allow it to maintain itself at a reasonable price. »

Generations of hikers have adopted it and still do, says Aymeric de Rorthays. « It’s a bit of a safe bet for the shoe, he adds. When you put a Renegade on someone’s feet, they’re never disappointed. »


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