Remembrance Day in the Canadian Armed Forces

Today, on Remembrance Day, Canadians joined veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces in honoring those who served Canada in past wars and conflicts. Several photos of the event were posted on the official Canadian Armed Forces Twitter account.

“We owe the freedoms we enjoy today to those who were willing to sacrifice everything to defend us. Today, please take a moment to pause, appreciate and remember them,” says Canadian Army Commander and Lieutenant-General Jocelyn Paul on his personal Twitter account.

Generations of veterans and their families have stood up and risked everything in wartime to secure the freedoms and enviable quality of life we ​​enjoy today. It has meant different things in different times, but sacrifice – service to self – is a constant.

Canadian Army Commander and Lieutenant-General Jocelyn Paul

Sergeant Major James Smith also took the opportunity to share more photos from the ceremony in a tweet: “Today we honor those who answered the call to serve and those who made the sacrifice ultimate defense of Canada. We will remember them,” he said.

More pics

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