Released June 30, 2022

The Moon Dragon

by Vladimir Bogoraz

Translated from Russian by Viktoriya and Patrice Lajoye

Callidor, 286 pages, €20

In an imaginary tundra, the reindeer do not show themselves and the Anaki warriors risk returning empty-handed. So, Youn the sorcerer appeals to the gods. But in front of their silence, he begins to denigrate them. The most powerful of them, the Moon Dragon, responds, but demands a heavy sacrifice in return. For ten years, Éditions Callidor has carefully unearthed in its collection « The Golden Age of Fantasy » the source texts of the genre, such as this first Russian fantasy novel, published in 1909. This sensitive tale is inspired by the traditions Siberians and the own exile of the author, revolutionary activist. He revisits the classic figure of the young girl delivered to the dragon in an icy landscape that only love can melt.


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